The International Banana Club is a worldwide membership bunch founded back in 1972 by Ken Bannister, T.B. (Top Banana). This clubs purpose is to keep you smiling, get you more attention and recognition, give you a vehicle to keep spirits up and stay in good health! We believe laughter is the best medicine!

The Banana Club serves as a networking vehicle, a way to assist everyone to maintain the positive attitude and exercise our sense of humor daily. It's is a "fun" bunch. Members from around the world report the discounts, favors, upgrades, the fun and games by just showing the card you dont leave home without! Guarenteed smiles when you show your Banana Club card to charge something, get that extra discount, an n/c upgrade, and special treatment!

Everyone can get a title of your choice, like C.H.D. (City Hand Director), F.D. (Finger Director) or whatever title you choose to have. You can even get "B.M.'s" (Banana Merits) for sending things to do with bananas and M.B. (Masters) or a PHB (Doctorate of Bananistry Degree) by just sending things (in good taste) to do with bananas to the Intl. Banana Club Headquarters. There are NO rules or regulations and no requirements of the membership! LIFE members of this bunch will get invites to occasional events.


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Since 1972. Membership in 27 countries.


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